Meet Christine

Nothing is more powerful than the love between a mother and her child.  I know this first hand.  In 2001, tragedy struck when I lost my brother to a drug overdose, leading me into my own battle with depression, alcoholism and obesity.  When I learned I was pregnant with my son 3 years later, everything changed.  Becoming his mama inspired me to rise from the ashes, graduate from law school, get healthy, and be the mother he deserved.

In 2014, with the birth of my third child, I shocked everyone and left my career to stay at home with my children after almost a decade as a trial attorney. They were growing up before my eyes and I was so busy chasing “success” that I was missing it.  So I followed my heart, and traded in my power suits and stilettos for my camera and a dream.

Art has always been my first love. Overcoming so much from my past has given me the courage to start over, and devote my life to my children and my craft.  At its heart, motherhood is a love story.  My mission is to inspire other mamas to celebrate it through beautiful portraiture.  Working with me is about so much more than just getting great family pictures. Together we will tell your story through beautiful, heart-centered, inspired imagery and heirloom quality art.

I look forward to meeting you!   


 My Family